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23 October, 2015
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21 April, 2017

The site, described by PEAB as the largest ever infrastructure project for research includes a gig
antic microscope, and will have a circumference bigger than the Coliseum in Rome, and will develop the surrounding as a science-city

The impact and importance of the project can be understood if we consider that Swedish government was discussing the need to modify the route of the roads in the area in order to avoid interferences with the lab operation. It is located in northeast Lund, the most famous Scandinavian university town. Through the so-called synchrotron radiation, the new research facility MAX IV makes it possible to examine the really small things, which among other things can promote the foundation for better batteries and solar cells or new effective medicines. The facility will be a world leader in synchrotron.

The core of the complete project is a building shaped like a gigantic ring with a circumference of 528 meters, which is one meter wider than Coliseum in Rome. One of the most important challenges in the project was the exceptional vibration requirements, including the vertical transport in the lab and its special performance. MP has developed a special solution according to this building were vibrations are measured at the nano-scale. The surrounding countryside has, among other things a functional wave pattern of hills that help to dampen the energy and vibrations in the ground.

The durability requirements in a comprehensive project is also challenging in order to gain a better idea about the environmental policy that is required to the participants, it’s enough to give one example: large areas of agricultural land is used for construction; all soil excavated is recovered and reused to create hills of the surrounding landscape.

MAX IV is expected to attract thousands of scientists from around the world each year. Total population that will be living in the new area currently under construction will lead to a growth of 30% of the population figures of the now-a-day area population. The project is a European model for sustainable construction. MAX IV energy solutions are based on recycling and renewable energy. The facility is designed so that energy consumption is minimized, and the excess heat generated in the plant - the equivalent of 1,800 homes in the Lund area - recovered and recycled.

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