The building, designed by the architect Vázquez Consuegra, has an impressive aluminum foam canopy that aspires to become an icon of the building and the city, and 7,500 square meters of underground useful surface.

It is a modern center of aluminum and concrete with manufacturing airs that, in addition to the exhibition halls, has an auditorium for 276 people, gazebo terrace and two multipurpose rooms prepared to host musical activities, conferences and children’s workshops. The set is part of an ambitious project that aims to turn the area, little frequented by Seville, into a cultural center.

This is the CaixaForum Sevilla where MP has installed 3 elevators and 6 stairs that serve to distribute to the visitors of the center throughout its route. Of these teams, two fully panoramic hydraulic elevators, with capacity for 21 people, stand out, one of them moving visitors from the large square under the Pelli Tower to the hall of the building, while the other serves to allow visitors to access the restoration area, from the multipurpose rooms.