We are a socially responsible company
and are committed to


Who enjoy working
People are at the heart of our strategy.


We train our staff, allocating the necessary time and resources to make sure they’re constantly learning and are motivated.

Professional development

We offer our staff many opportunities for professional growth, allowing them to develop their skills and knowledge, and think long term in terms of their career.

Ethical leadership

Our leadership is based on a strong ethical foundation, which shapes the relationships we build and how we do business.


The safety of our people is at the heart of everything we do, and we take all the necessary steps to minimise the risks they are exposed to and thus prevent accidents.


We work as a team to innovate.
Through creativity, we’re able to enrich and improve the lives of our clients and users.


We carry out cutting-edge
R&D in electronics,
machining, hydraulics and structures.


We foster a collaborative culture
through technology and
knowledge centres.


Members of R&D staff


Total budget invested in R&D

Environmental impact

We strive for sustainability through environmental management systems and ecodesign techniques.

  • ISO 14001 certified.
  • Use of environmental indicators when designing our products (ECODESIGN).
  • Environmental Product Declarations in accordance with ISO 14021, based on an LCA carried out as per ISO 14040/44. (MPGO).
  • Energy efficiency certificates, according to VDI 4707.
  • Three BREEAM credits.

Quality, environmental and health & safety certifications

We’re constantly improving in our quest to exceed your expectations.


This is not just our company slogan, it’s also a declaration of intent.