Slightly larger than the Colosseum and much more sensitive

The project is based around a building shaped in a gigantic ring, with a circumference of 528 metres, one metre more than the Collosseum of Rome. One of the greatest challenges of the project were the extremely high vibration requirements, affecting both the vertical transport of the laboratory and its special behaviour.

MP developed a special solution with MP GO! The appropriate evolution for a building where vibrations are measured on the nanometre scale. The surrounding field includes a functional wave pattern of hills, which help to dampen energy and vibrations on the ground.

An example of sustainability from start to finish and a new city.

Durability requirements in an integral project were also a challenge. In order to have a better idea on the control of environmental impact, required by participants, we provided a significant example: extensive areas of agricultural land were used for the construction: an area of excavated soil was recovered and reused to create hills in the surrounding landscape.