MP Ascensores supplied the lifts installed in the new Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre, located in the heart of the Norwegian maritime industry, in the university area of the city of Ålesund. They consist of three MP GO! passenger lifts of 1250 kg, at 1 m/s with panoramic car and 7 stops and triplex controller, and an MP GO! of 1250 kg, at 1 m/s with simplex controller with 7 stops, for the transport of goods and technical equipment.

The aim of the Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre (NMK) is to create a competitive centre. High-level technology companies have participated in this centre, such as Rolls Royce, which has a research and service centre, and Aker Solution, leader of «offshore» bases in the country.

MP has supplied vertical traffic solutions to their central offices of the city of Stavanger (one quadruplex and two duplex MP-GO 1250 kg at 1.6 m/s – with 10 stops).